Knitting Tutorials

How to videos of knitting tutorials for various knitting techniques from casting on and binding off and a lot in between. Also contains tutorials for how to use Ravelry.

Casting On

Provisional Cast On Directly to Knitting Needle
Emily Ocker’s Cast On (aka Magic Circle Cast On)
Garter Tab Cast On
I-Cord Cast On

Binding Off

Lucy’s Modified Conventional Bind Off
Picot Bind Off
I-Cord Bind Off


Swatching in the Round


K2tog and SSK


M1 Left and M1 Right


Cabling without a Cable Needle
One Row Buttonhole
Knitted-on Border
Using a Lifeline
Knitting Jogless Stripes in the Round
Knitting I-Cord
How to Add Beads using a Crochet Hook
How to Tink Back

Knitting in the Round

Knitting in the Round Using DPNs
Knitting in the Round Using Magic Loop
Knitting in the Round Using 2 Circular Needles
3 Ways to Join Knitting in the Round

Specific Stitches

German Short Rows
Left Twist
Faux Nupp
Quilted Lattice
How to Work a k1, p1, k1 into a Double Yarn Over

Reading Charts

How to Read Cable Symbols on a Chart

How to Use Ravelry

How to Add a Project to Your Ravelry Page
How to Add Yarn to Your Ravelry Stash
How to Add a Profile Picture to Your Ravelry Account
How to Add a Pattern to Your Ravelry Queue
How to Magic Link a Pattern on the Ravelry Forums
How to Use Advanced Pattern Search
Using Ravelry Yarn Database to Find Pattern Suggestions
Working with Favorites on Ravelry
Ravelry Forums: Replying to a specific post vs. the entire thread
Ravelry Forums: Starting a new thread
Ravelry Forums: Formatting text
Ravelry Forums: Magic linking
Ravelry Forums: Adding a picture
Ravelry Forums: Using a spoiler warning
Ravelry Forums: Filtering a thread
Ravelry Forums: Sorting forums into tabs
Ravelry Forums: Using forum settings