Knitting Tutorials

Casting On

Provisional Cast On Directly to Knitting Needle
Emily Ocker’s Cast On (aka Magic Circle Cast On)
Garter Tab Cast On
I-Cord Cast On

Binding Off

Lucy’s Modified Conventional Bind Off
Picot Bind Off
I-Cord Bind Off


Swatching in the Round


K2tog and SSK


M1 Left and M1 Right


Cabling without a Cable Needle
German Short Rows
One Row Buttonhole
Knitted-on Border
Using a Lifeline
Knitting Jogless Stripes in the Round
Knitting I-Cord
How to Add Beads using a Crochet Hook

Knitting in the Round

Knitting in the Round Using DPNs
Knitting in the Round Using Magic Loop
Knitting in the Round Using 2 Circular Needles

Specific Stitches

Left Twist
Faux Nupp
Quilted Lattice
How to Work a k1, p1, k1 into a Double Yarn Over

Reading Charts

How to Read Cable Symbols on a Chart

How to Use Ravelry

How to Add a Project to Your Ravelry Page
How to Add a Profile Picture to Your Ravelry Account
How to Add a Pattern to Your Ravelry Queue
How to Magic Link a Pattern on the Ravelry Forums